Wednesday, April 18, 2007

to bee or not to bee...

So, this morning I'm recovering from my Nyquil hangover (and no, I do not do Nyquil recreationally), and I decide to go sit on my balcony for a little bit. You know, wake up, stare at the pretty lake, and slowly return to coherency. Well, all of a sudden I notice my dog, Jill (the other dog that is not Jack) is lunging her head back and forth through the railing on the balcony. A bit aggressively I might add. Now, I'm not in the most alert state of mind at this particular moment, but I am able to recognize when something is "off." And this struck me as strange, even for her (that's a later story).

Anyway, there is a tree in front of my balcony (it's one of those pretty trees with little red berries and flowers, stays green all year long - that kind of tree). Well, apparently it's the season for pollen and whatever bees do, so there are all these little bees flying around (small bees, the size of flies). And, of course, Jill is trying to catch them and cause havoc in their little bee lives... but the funny thing is any time she gets too close to them, she shakes her head violently afraid that she actually caught the bee and that it's stinging her repeatedly on the tongue.

Now, several things are funny at this point - Jill shaking her head violently while her head and neck are lodged between iron bars, funny. Jill yanking her head back through the bars and looking at me with berries, flowers and leaves stuck in her nose and mouth, funnier. Bees then staring at Jill wondering, "well, how the heck do we get to those... they're hanging from that dog's face?" even funnier.

But, the biggest thing for me - the potential for the most embarrassment - is that Jill is quite the overachiever, so her lunging, as she gets more and more courageous, starts to include a leg, shoulder, chest... and all I can think of is how exactly I'm going to ask the maintenance guy:

"Do you happen to have a blow torch? My dog is stuck in the bars on my balcony.... Why?? Well duh. She was trying to eat the bees."

I need more Nyquil.


mindy clarkson said...

what? no seagulls? i was waiting for your new seagull friend to swoop down...catch a bee...and heroically deliver it to jill. then peck the bars until they break and squawk to jill, "my canine friend run free; and don't forget...i captured your bee."

Aaron Ivey said... that's funny!!