Monday, May 28, 2007

yeah, yeah i've pulled the big blog no-no

soooo. last night i got the distinct pleasure of being the butt of several jokes about my blog deficiency as of late. yes. it's been over a month since i last blogged. sue me. :) kidding. my friends, whom i normally like, all felt like it was their duty to rag on my lack of communication in the blog world. i was the bigger person obviously (oh how they are rolling their eyes at this moment) and took the high road.

the complete stall out with the bloggery began when my dad went into the hospital and was later diagnosed with pneumonia. and yes, i am so playing the sympathy card right now. he's fine. all is well. but this whole event threw my world into turmoil. he's dad. he's supposed to be invincible. he doesn't get sick. he's not the guy who is ever in need. it was a tough deal. however, it is important at this moment to give a HUGE shout out to my friends who stepped up in major ways and loved on me, encouraged me, and took care of me during this unexpected and scary ordeal. (hopefully they are all now feeling like huge slugs after ragging on me last night at the cookout)

anyway, all of that to say, without going into major detail about work, there were some other big things going on that took my time, my emotions, all my energy, and once again, all of my time, and kept me from blogging. well............ i'm back. be prepared. the blogging is officially back on. stay tuned....................