Saturday, December 8, 2007

run, forrest

so, i'm at home doing the fun stuff of life... laundry, vacuuming, throwing out the very old, very unrecognizable items in my frig. sometimes i can spend the day in complete silence and not blink an eye, and then sometimes i have background noise - like a tv or music or a movie i own. today it was tv. i flipped the channel to catch the latter half of forrest gump. such a great movie. no matter how many times i see that movie, you can be assured of two things: i always cry when forrest has to bury his mom and then cry even more when he has to bury jenny. this movie causes me to feel many things - from feeling absolute sympathy and almost a "protective" anger for forrest to humbly acknowledging that this fictional character actually knows so much more about real life than most of us who are not fictional at all (though we all wish we could be at times).

anyway, as i'm watching him talk to jenny at her graveside, i notice the tree. forrest comments about the tree briefly and we all know it's a focal point in the scene, but for some reason, this time the tree stood out. it wasn't just its beauty and it's grandeur, but it was more it's simplicity. to me, it was almost the best metaphor for forrest. it represents him well. it was there at the beginning of his journey. it grew taller and stronger as he did. and it was still standing at the end. with even more beauty, more strength, but still in its original simplicity.

i'm starting to understand why God talks so fondly of children and tells us adults we need to come to Him as them. we have made life way too complicated. in everything. i fear we are drowning in complication. why can't life be simple? is it that that's just the way life is and we've been so far removed from simplicity that maybe we don't think it even exists anymore? or maybe simplicity seems wrong in some way or just too easy. maybe simplicity too closely resembles grace... sometimes hard to believe and hard to see as a viable option.

it's true. misery loves company. but is it possible that company has moved from visitor to permanent house guest? it seems like a lot of us live daily in some degree of misery. great or small. wounded or self-inflicted.

i want simplicity. forrest and his tree reminded me of that. i don't feel sorry for forrest. i envy him. he gets it. what would life be like if we were all a lot of forrests running around?

we'd always be genuinely excited to see the ones we love. everytime we see them.

we would not flinch in doing the right thing. because it's the right thing.

we would be moving at a pace that allows us to see the true beauty in life. everywhere.

it wouldn't dawn on us to tailor our excitement for things (or people) that make us happy.

we wouldn't stop loving just because someone hurts us or leaves.

we would be able to see beauty even in situations that would be considered ugly.

we would live simple. we would love simple. we would be simple.

i want that tree. or maybe i want to be that tree.

its purpose is clear. its foundation is strong. its beauty is evident. and its shade is good. i doubt its living a life of confusion.

forrest wasn't. the things that were confusing to forrest weren't because he wasn't as "smart" as others, but they were things that were supposed to be - should've been - simple. and somewhere along the road they became complicated. he's the smart one.

run, forrest.

run for all of us.