Saturday, February 14, 2009

hall of shame

so, i'm reading through the bible with my church and i've come to some startling realizations.... (and these are old testament realizations)

so far, everyone in the bible were losers, in some way, shape, or form. by loser, i mean, screw up, not on the up and up. sketchy. questionable. of ill repute. here's just a few:

adam - enough said

eve - wife of the year

cain - serious need for some anger management classes

abel - apparently not that bad, but probably should've beefed up on his self-defense skills

[side note: it's pretty bad if, right off the bat - literally - you're still kind of in the prequel of the overall biblical story, and God says, and i quote, "I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, man and animals and creeping things and birds of the heavens, for I am sorry that I have made them." - personally, i feel bad for the animals and birds... i'm sure they had a bone to pick. "what the heck did we do??"]

on with the list:

noah - now, he seemed to be a winner, including being the first non-vegetarian. i wonder what that first burger was like?

nimrod - he was actually a mighty hunter and considered a mighty man... most likely because he had to combat that he was indeed named "nimrod"

tower of babel peeps - is it possible that humans are so smart that it makes us stupid? you know, your greatest strength becomes your greatest weakness...

needless to say, i could go on (we're currently finishing up exodus right now and just like there are certain people who are constantly great material for comedians... the israelites can tend to be great material for "how to screw up yet again"

feel free to add your nominees to the hall of shame... there's plenty to go around.

moral of this blog: if you think that reading through the bible is going to make you feel worse about yourself... think again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

worth the watch...

whether you're passionate about missions or not (and I use that term in relation to actual missions... global or local, "go and tell", being sent, however you want to define it), this is a great message by a guy who's a missionary in Japan. If you know anything about John Piper, the writer, speaker, teacher, etc., then the fact that Piper invited Michael Oh to come and speak says a lot about the character and reputation of Michael Oh.

anyway. i hope you'll notch out some time and watch it. all the way through. it's so much more than just about missions in and of itself... the truth of the message's subtitle, "The Forsaking of Things Present for the Global Exaltation of Christ" is what every person in America needs to hear and grasp.

remind me to apologize to all the missionaries that crossed my path at my church growing up that i just didn't pay attention to. i should've listened.

well, i'm listening now.

and will be going.

and will be sending.

what i'm currently listening to

[disclaimer: some of these songs or artists may have questionable lyrics, don't know. i'm listening to, becoming familiar with, being introduced to some of them for the first time, etc. don't get all self-righteous and judgmental on me. :)]

some new artists (or new songs from familiar artists) that i'm giving a listen to right now: (alphabetical)

adele "19"

amos lee "amos lee"

andrew bird "andrew bird & the mysterious production of eggs"

andy davis "thinks of her"

anouk (a song or two)

ben kweller (a song or two)

chantal krievaluk (random albums)

colin hay (random albums)

dave barnes "you, the night, and candlelight"

feist (a song or two)

a fine frenzy (random albums)

griffin house "flying upside down"

james morrison "undiscovered"

joe purdy (random albums)

jonatha brooke (random albums)

joni mitchell (a song or two)

joshua radin (random albums)

katie todd band (a song or two)

keane "hopes and fears"

laura marling "alas i cannot swim"

lisa hannigan "sea saw"

loudon wainwright III "last man on earth"

mat kearney "bullet"

meiko (a song or two)

patty griffin (all)

rachael yamagata "elephants... teeth sinking into heart" and "happenstance"

rachel mccartney "all the joy"

rosi golan "the drifter and the gypsy"

rosie thomas (random albums)

sara bareilles "little voice"

snow patrol "eyes open"

steve reynolds (a song or two)

travis "singles"

vienna teng (random albums)

that's a few anyway............... i'm kind of sifting through these particular artists and songs, seeing who and what i like, then making a "favorite playlist" of these artists for the ol' ipod.

feel free to comment and add some of your favorites or artists you would recommend. i love independent, singer/songwriter types. however, i have a WIDE range of musical tastes, so i'm pretty eclectic and interested in everything...