Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what i'm currently listening to

[disclaimer: some of these songs or artists may have questionable lyrics, don't know. i'm listening to, becoming familiar with, being introduced to some of them for the first time, etc. don't get all self-righteous and judgmental on me. :)]

some new artists (or new songs from familiar artists) that i'm giving a listen to right now: (alphabetical)

adele "19"

amos lee "amos lee"

andrew bird "andrew bird & the mysterious production of eggs"

andy davis "thinks of her"

anouk (a song or two)

ben kweller (a song or two)

chantal krievaluk (random albums)

colin hay (random albums)

dave barnes "you, the night, and candlelight"

feist (a song or two)

a fine frenzy (random albums)

griffin house "flying upside down"

james morrison "undiscovered"

joe purdy (random albums)

jonatha brooke (random albums)

joni mitchell (a song or two)

joshua radin (random albums)

katie todd band (a song or two)

keane "hopes and fears"

laura marling "alas i cannot swim"

lisa hannigan "sea saw"

loudon wainwright III "last man on earth"

mat kearney "bullet"

meiko (a song or two)

patty griffin (all)

rachael yamagata "elephants... teeth sinking into heart" and "happenstance"

rachel mccartney "all the joy"

rosi golan "the drifter and the gypsy"

rosie thomas (random albums)

sara bareilles "little voice"

snow patrol "eyes open"

steve reynolds (a song or two)

travis "singles"

vienna teng (random albums)

that's a few anyway............... i'm kind of sifting through these particular artists and songs, seeing who and what i like, then making a "favorite playlist" of these artists for the ol' ipod.

feel free to comment and add some of your favorites or artists you would recommend. i love independent, singer/songwriter types. however, i have a WIDE range of musical tastes, so i'm pretty eclectic and interested in everything...


Mark said...

Have you discovered Shai Linne? Your basic Calvinist Wrapper.

Kid's in our Senior High ministry are crazy about this guy. He is growing on me.

Keri said...

no. but i'll check her out. thanks. love new music and artists!

Keri said...

by "her" i mean "them", "him", whatever. :) Shai Linne is actually a pretty girls' name. don't tell the band that. ha

Mark said...

Yeah it is a he...

Shai Linne can be found on myspace.
Never on KSBJ.

He has an aweome version of 'Were you there' ... When they crucified my Lord....