Wednesday, February 4, 2009

worth the watch...

whether you're passionate about missions or not (and I use that term in relation to actual missions... global or local, "go and tell", being sent, however you want to define it), this is a great message by a guy who's a missionary in Japan. If you know anything about John Piper, the writer, speaker, teacher, etc., then the fact that Piper invited Michael Oh to come and speak says a lot about the character and reputation of Michael Oh.

anyway. i hope you'll notch out some time and watch it. all the way through. it's so much more than just about missions in and of itself... the truth of the message's subtitle, "The Forsaking of Things Present for the Global Exaltation of Christ" is what every person in America needs to hear and grasp.

remind me to apologize to all the missionaries that crossed my path at my church growing up that i just didn't pay attention to. i should've listened.

well, i'm listening now.

and will be going.

and will be sending.

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