Sunday, June 28, 2009

project ukraine: day 5 // june 28

so begins the first full day of camp with everyone present and accounted for.

humorous input - at this point, we will know if our drummer is working out. tony restivo was supposed to go with us on the trip as our drummer but his military date was changed (it's not like he could tell them not to do that) so we didn't take a drummer with us. the humorous but somewhat iffy sign for us is that the ukraine team told us they have a drummer for us.... but we just need to bring him sticks. huh. that doesn't "necessarily" exude confidence in a drummer if he doesn't have any sticks...... you know what i'm sayin'?

ok. so here is the theme for today: (and i'm still upset that i didn't have the statue of liberty costume for yesterday.... man, that would've been funny.) today is: INDIAN (as in native indian). i think they've done this particular theme each year - i swear it's because Sashko, the camp leader, loves to make and wear a HUGE feather headdress... is it two "d"s or one? anyway, great theme for dress up and making stuff. not so great theme in trying to find music. i've decided this year, we're going to do all of the upbeat worship choruses with a native indian beat. it's actually kind of cool. i'll have to let you know how it turned out.

oh and a cultural thing: meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are for eating. no dilly dallying. not really social. eat and move on. by the time we sit down, they're done. not the same culture as america. probably why they're skinnier than us. :)

schedule for today:
7:30-8:00 - we arise from our slumber
8:30 - team meeting #4 and prayer time
9:00 - morning exercises (say what?) and breakfast
10:00 - bible lesson (taught by the ukrainian team, which means we won't understand a word of it and will just sit there. kinda funny.)
11:00 - clean rooms
11:30 - ESL lesson
12:30 - creative time (not sure what this is)
1:15 - lunch
2:00 - hobby class (there are different options for them: photography, drama, etc.)
3:00 - sports #1: ultimate frisbee
4:00 - theme game (led by ukrainian team), free time, shower, etc.

*side note: i just noticed on the schedule that was given out, there's no dinner listed. typo or sneaky intervention fat camp for the americans? guess we'll see.

5:30 - evening service
7:45 - cultural exchange (we teach them about some specific american culture... like TiVo. kidding.)
9:00 - party zone (woohoo. except that we have no native indian songs. we'll be throwing in some country.)
10:30 - meet in age groups/snacks
11:30 - lights out!

how many days is this camp?? :)

pray for:
- boldness and discernment in sharing our faith
- the students and God opening their hearts to the gospel and the love of Christ
- endurance and energy for the leaders (especially american team and the time difference)
- the weather (that it's not taking away from the plans for the camp)
- those who are presenting the messages during the worship times

what the team is reflecting on for day 5:
romans 1:6
“I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.”

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