Monday, June 22, 2009

ukraine mission trip: june 24-july 6

well... we're one day away from heading to l'viv, ukraine and the carpathian mountains to do a camp for 14-19 year old students from l'viv.

go to to (hopefully) be able to see play by play action from the trip.

i have my blog set to post what we're doing each day and what to reflect on and pray for. i know the entire team would covet your prayers - any and all of them.

here's the US team: (and an AWESOME team, i must say!)
- Kimberly Biery
- Ryan Brown
- Natalie Dixon
- Dave Durand
- Heather Gadsby
- Daniel and Sherri Lehman
- Keri Lilley
- Christopher Nelson
- Amber Sailer
- Nick and Krista Skytland
- Jori Turner
- Jaime Valverde
- Daniel and Leanne Vencil

come back each day to check in and see what we're doing... and don't forget: prayer is the best thing any of us can do. ever.

love you, people!

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