Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ukraine mission trip: meet the ukraine leadership team

(left to right)

- Andrei is an evangelist on the team. Former drug addict & criminal who God saved. Lives in the apartment CCCC rents for ministry in Ocean.

- Boghdan works in L’viv oblast as a director of youth ministries for the entire L’viv region.

- Anya directs children’s programs/Awana. Also in charge of drama teams

- Tolik is trained as a church planter in Brazil. He is the missions director for Baptists in the L’viv oblast. He speaks at least 3 other languages.

- Ira (not pictured) is Tolik’s wife

- Taras is the Ocean team leader and our main church planter. Gifted and humble leader.

(left to right)

- Saško is part of the Ocean team. He directs English clubs. He is the best English speaker on our team. Just finished seminary.

- Lubchick is a businessman and is a new Christian on the team. He is working on incorporating business and evangelism.

- Oleck directs youth programs for the Ocean team.

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